Journey to financial savings – reducing heating bill

To cut down on costs, I took a look at my bank statements to have a general idea of what my expenses were. I took a statement from one year ago and compared it to last month’s statement. One thing that I noticed is that my heating bill went up.  For 2014-2015, my heating bill […]

Starting my personal finance journey

Yesterday, Feb 18, 2015, my wife’s company lost 2 major accounts to a competitor. I remembered reading an article about Canada losing jobs this past December.  A slew of questions bombarded me: * Is my wife going to lose her job? * If so, how can we manage with only 1 income? * Will we […]

8 Useful Things That You Could Do With Google

Master the internet with these awesome Google hacks. 1) Find songs from bands you like.   2) Or if you feel like reading, find out the titles of books by your favorite authors. 3) You can look up movie release dates in a jiffy. 4) You can use it like TV Guide and look up […]

Enter Chromecast – Apple TV’s new Contender

Yesterday, Google launched a new product – the Chromecast, which brings the web content to your TV. The Chromecast is an HDMI dongle that communicates with video and audio apps — including YouTube, Netflix and Pandora — running on Android or iOS, and transfers that content to your big screen HDTV.

Use Your Face as a Credit Card

I’ve heard that France is putting the finishing touches on fingerprint payment. But Finland decides to go even further. Finnish company Uniqul’s system uses your face as your PIN. Coming soon to the Helsinki area, it is aimed at small businesses and designed to foster faster and easier transactions. Customers present their face to the […]

Push a button And Drop everything

In its latest marketing stunt, Heineken asked travelers in JFK’s terminal 8 to take a leap of faith and press a button on a specially-designed “departure roulette” board, which would assign them a new destination at random — effective immediately. If it were me, I would jump at the chance (as long as I can […]

Getting a Bonus: 5 Easy Money Making/Saving Tips

This past December, I was blessed with a small year-end raise. Now I am faced with a whole new set of challenges: More tax. More cash flow. More guilt about not keeping up with my retirement plan. I had hit the ripe old age of thirty-something where you ponder more about your future, so I […]

5 Tips to Spot Fake Reviews

You probably noticed that while busy shopping online, on Cyber Monday, you’ll see lots of user reviews on various products.  While the majority of those reviews do come from real users like yourself, who are passionate enough to share their opinions on a product, many of them could be fake, left by the vendors themselves […]

8 Financial Principles to FREEDOM

To put it plainly, I’ve seen firsthand the full spectrum of financial woes that can hopelessly trap people in a society victimized by the credit-card, “buy-now-pay-later” syndrome. Daily, I see people in deep financial trouble. Thousands in this country have got themselves into financial messes that can lead to more serious consequences.

Financial counseling became a matter of revealing these principles and allowing financially troubled persons to choose whether to obey them or not. These principles are real and will help you in conducting your financial affairs.

Multiply Your Profits

Have you felt that when you start a process, you are the only one facing the issue?  There is no reason for alarm because you have just entered a position of a leader, a rain maker for his team and the change initiator. You begin to notice weaknesses when you are focusing on what you […]

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