Social Media in SAP Community Network?

Social networks allow people to reach beyond the usual barriers. They let individuals connect with others to create innovative new technologies, consider new solutions to old problems, and help build vibrant, expansive online communities.

Despite well-understood interest in social networks, when Mark Yolton published the blog, Why Social Networks Matter Now back in October, I was surprised a bit by the response … it was more than expected, indicating extraordinary interest in this emerging topic area.

Our own SAP Community Network (SCN) members and other folks told us they’re active (if not downright addicted) to social networks such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Wikipedia, FaceBook, Twitter, and other sites and tools. But our members and colleagues were also curious about how social media tools and capabilities could be adapted and adopted for “business” social networks.

Without a doubt, the application of social networks to business is a hot topic. I routinely get asked to talk about SCN to external groups. In fact, I’ve probably spoken at a minimum of 15 conferences or seminars in 2007 and another 15 in 2008 hosted by other companies, as well as seminars and keynotes to professional groups.  And that doesn’t scratch the surface of all the invitations I or my SAP colleagues have to gracefully decline.  This is another indication that SAP is a leading example of a thriving business social network – especially now that we’ve reached over 1.5 million members who connect, collaborate, and co-innovate on a daily basis via SCN.

“Social Media Trends” is a New Resource for You … and for You to Share and Contribute

Because of the growing popularity – and growing interest – we’ve created a new area dedicated to social networking in which we’ve collected our favorite resources, presentations, videos, and links to other communities. You’ll also find links to interesting books and articles, not to mention a list of the foremost gurus (at least, according to a handful of us, so far) on the topic.

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