I Give You The … (USB) Finger

Prosthesis USB Finger

Prosthesis USB Finger

Have you heard of all the USB products out there?  USB warming slippers, USB warming kneepads, USB warming mice, USB warming gloves, USB Ionic Air Purifiers and even USB-heated shawls.  There’s so much of innovation going on in the USB market, it’s impossible to expect anyone to keep up with the latest twist on these truly universal devices.  No longer does the USB of yore just enable one to Plug and Play, transfer/save data and media files and conveniently hang around one’s neck for instant access in case a USB-enabled PC lies within reach.

Now the newest, most innovative and a bit creepy twist to the USB comes from Finland, where a Finn whose finger was finished in an accident found that a faux finger fashioned by his physicians functioned fully as a removable storage device.  Here’s Jerry Jalava’s story from the Telegraph.co.uk.

Using a traditional prosthetic finger Jerry has been able embed a ‘USB key’ – like the ones used in traditional flash drives – giving him the world’s only two gigabyte finger.  The finger is not permanently attached to his hand meaning it can be removed when plugged into a computer.

“It is not attached permanently in to my body, it is a removable prosthetic which has USB memorystick inside it,” said Jerry.

USB Finger in Laptop1

USB Finger in Laptop1

USB Finger in Laptop2

USB Finger in Laptop2

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8 Responses to“I Give You The … (USB) Finger”

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