Use Your Face as a Credit Card

I’ve heard that France is putting the finishing touches on fingerprint payment. But Finland decides to go even further. Finnish company Uniqul’s system uses your face as your PIN. Coming soon to the Helsinki area, it is aimed at small businesses and designed to foster faster and easier transactions. Customers present their face to the […]

Is SAP CRM the best strategy for your business – your customers?

Companies have historically taken a functional approach to customer relationship management (CRM), to address immediate business pains. Challenged to manage its sales pipeline and forecasts, for example, an organization’s sales department might implement a sales force automation (SFA) application. The same company’s support department, however, might select a call center application from a different vendor to better manage incoming calls and […]

Business Intelligence During Economic Downturn

Business Intelligence (BI) is a sound investment for any IT manager to make, especially during an economic downturn. With budgets becoming tighter and demands from executives to see immediate results from IT implementations increasing, this paper outlines the benefits an organization can expect to see from a BI solution and its impact on a company.

New browser to contend with Google giant

The name is “Blekko”.  In 2007, Blekko set a goal to be identified as 1 of the 50 best sites on the internet in top search categories. The first question you might be pondering, is “what’s so special about Blekko?”.  Blekko uses human input to guide search options and help weed out spam. It is […]

Business Intelligence Guide for Midsize Companies

No matter your company size.  BI will improve your company’s efficiency and effectiveness Executive Summary Make Informed Decisions Across Your Company Your company’s focus has been on acquiring customers, streamlining operations, outpacing the competition, and increasing revenues and profitability.  And while your company has continued to improve its operating efficiencies, you feel your company should […]

Your Golden Goal

The world witnessed history in the making as Canada had won the Gold medal standings with 14 Gold medals.  After the beginning of the Olympics on February 1st, Canada had only won 1 gold in a span of 10 days.  People knew that Canada would carry a few medals to the podium, but the athletes […]

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