Multiply Your Profits

Have you felt that when you start a process, you are the only one facing the issue?  There is no reason for alarm because you have just entered a position of a leader, a rain maker for his team and the change initiator. You begin to notice weaknesses when you are focusing on what you […]

“BE the Change”

As I was walking through Toronto’s Union Station, I heard outcries in the hall. They were coming from kids holding up signs that said “We Day”. The first question I asked myself was “What is ‘We Day’” and I posted it on Facebook. “We Day” is based on “Free the Children” started by Marc and […]

No Guilty Feelings in Getting What You Really Want

Do you ever feel that you are stuck in a rut?  You seem to be doing the same thing over and over and getting no further in life.  Have you ever felt that?  I have.  Ongoing failure can create a vicious cycle because the more you fail, the less you feel able to succeed. The […]

Power of Your Voice

The world is buzzing and carefully watching Egypt. As democracy takes a new stance in the Middle Eastern world, social media has already seized the Middle East. We saw it’s muscle or power when Egypt shut down the internet. The decision was defied by the people as they sought other ways to update the world. […]

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